About us

Michaels & Michaels Consult is a Law firm that engages in both Visa’s and Immigration Law Practice. We assist you to process your visa to any country within the world either for a visit, study, tourism or medical checkup and also help wgood way to start a conclusionith immigration process to countries that accepts immigrants.

Currently, the Canadian government is in need of immigrants and we have all the requisite expertise to help you with the process. Since one of the basic requirements is for you to pass the English exams, International English Language Testing System (IELTS) we have the technical knowhow to help you with the registration and trainings to ensure you pass the exams.

We also represent foreign nationals and entities, which seek to either work or do their businesses in Nigeria to procure necessary permits and visas, our Immigration Solicitors in Nigeria are very experienced and can offer a great deal of assistance to clients on immigration matters. The noticeable vacuum created by lack of adequate professionals offering immigration online geometry assignment helpadvises or services in Nigeria gave a need for us to establish a practice focusing on this area, which has been very successful.

All our practices are as guided by the Nigerian immigration laws and we totally abide to all the immigration laws and requirements of all other countries we assist clients with.